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Autor: Barbara Woźniak-Sobczak 291
Strony: 291-309
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W artkule postawiono hipotezę, że zasady budowy i funkcjonowania organizacji sieciowej nie zawsze sprzyjają tworzeniu wartości. W opracowaniu zidentyfikowano uwarunkowania i właściwości kreatywnej sieci, które stymulują tworzenie wartości organizacji sieciowej i wartości dla jej klientów, oraz wskazano na jej destruktory, sugerując kierunki minimalizujące ich oddziaływanie.

Słowa kluczowe: organizacja sieciowa, wartość sieci, relacja międzyorganizacyjna

Dynamics of changes in economic space makes it more efficient and safe operation is sought in the informal network structures. Their essence is based on voluntary relationships and striving for mutual benefits. Inter-Organizational Ties should contribute to the achievement by each participant in the organization of the network effects of not lower than those obtained elsewhere. Studies show that in the space of a network to create value depends on the conditions of the network. They can strengthen their power to create success and even be a kind of panacea for survival in turbulent environments. However, it also considered the determinants of value creating enterprises operating in the traditional economy. as network organizations generally do not operate in isolation from other market players. In addition, many determinants of value creation is general in nature, resulting from economic and financial system. Synergy collected in a network of resources and rules for their use should allow the creation of high value for all stakeholders.
Principles of construction and the creation of a network organization in these relationships are not always conducive to creating value. It is therefore necessary to find activities and relationships that rather subtract instead of add value and eliminate them.
Postulated to increase control over the process of appropriation of resources, and develop trust between the network participants.

Keywords: network organization, the value of the network, relation of Inter-Organizational